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5 Injections for Joint Pain Relief

Living with constant pain seriously diminishes your quality of life. At Integrative Pain Institute, we want to help you find relief and optimal healing for joints, muscles, and bones that are aching and preventing you from doing the activities you enjoy.

Several injection therapies offer hope for healing. Ask our doctors whether any of these five approaches are right for you.

Stem cell injections

Stem cell injections involve administering your stem cells harvested from amniotic tissue. Stem cells have the ability to morph into any type of cells, so they rebuild healthy tissue, reducing your acute or chronic pain. Stem cell injections can be effective for your lower back or neck pain, disc degeneration, and pain from osteoarthritis.

Stem Cell injections reduce pain in your joints and connective tissue.  Stem cells spur the production of new collagen-a tissue stringthening compound-that stabilizes weak, painful joints and ligaments.

Hyaluronic Acid Injections

Common causes of knee and hip pain is caused by degenerative disease whereby there is a lack of the natural synovial fluid needed to lubricate the joint.   Artificial fluid, known as hyaluronic acid, mimics synovial fluid and can be injected into joints to alleviate arthritis pain. 

These injections are approved and covered by insurance for the treatment of knee arthritis.  They are also effective options for treating shoulder and hip pain.  that doesn’t report to more conventional therapies.

Sarapin® Injections

Sarapin® is an injectable medication that offers effective pain relief. These injections have no known adverse effects and don’t destroy healthy tissue. You experience lasting pain relief without an anesthetic effect on your nerves or surrounding tissue. Sarapin is like an artificial steroid and very useful to inject into soft tissue injuries such as muscle and ligaments.  Sarapin can be effective treatment for neck pain, back pain, and injuries.

Cortisone shots

Steroid shots provide short-term relief from pain and inflammation in your joints and spine. Our doctors may recommend them for areas such as your ankle, hip, knee, shoulder, spine, and wrist. Each injection contains a corticosteroid medication as well as a local anesthetic. The anesthetic provides pain relief until the steroid is able to do its job for reducing the inflammation causing the problem.

Nerve blocks

If your pain is caused by irritation of a group of nerves, our doctors at Integrative Pain Institute may recommend a nerve block injection to provide temporary relief. A nerve-numbing medication is administered to the problematic area to reduce or eliminate your pain. Nerve blocks are especially helpful for treating headaches, migraines, neck and shoulder injuries.

Nerve blocks are used for short-term pain relief that can for days-weeks.  Often nerve blocks are repeated for a series of a few weeks to provide long lasting pain relief.  Botox injections can also be used for migraine management as a form of nerve blocks that can last months-years.

Call us at 972-290-1507 to determine if your pain will respond well to any of these injections so you can find long-term relief. Our doctors can evaluate your symptoms, health history, and goals to determine the best pain management treatment for you.  

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