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Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy for Knee Pain

If you’re suffering from knee pain, physical therapy can help.

Physical therapy for your knee can strengthen and stretch your muscles, taking the strain off of your joints. Still not convinced? Here are a few more benefits of physical therapy for knee pain.

Physical Therapy Stretches Your Knee

Often, knee pain is a result of tight or sore muscles. By stretching, you can relax these areas and reduce tension on your joints. Some physical therapy stretches for knee pain include:

Physical Therapy Strengthens Your Muscles

Sometimes, the muscles are just too weak to offer adequate support to the structures of the knee. Physical therapy can improve muscle tone so that you’re stronger and there’s less pressure on your knee. Some physical therapy exercises for knee pain include:

Physical Therapy Improves Your Balance

A big part of physical therapy for knee pain is working on balance. Often, the pain in your knee will throw off your gait, which can make you feel imbalanced and unsteady.

By practicing balance exercises, you’ll be able to stand straighter and get back to a normal way of moving. This will naturally relieve knee pain.

Get Physical Therapy for Knee Pain Today

Here at the Integrative Pain Institute, we are experts at providing physical therapy for knee pain.  We offer stretching, strengthening, and balance exercises to get you back to doing what you love. Schedule an appointment today by calling 972-290-1507.

Kristy Snyder Writer and Editor - *The opinions expressed herein are solely the opinions of the author. Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Should you need medical advice, see your physician.

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