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Botox for Migraines

Botulinum Toxin for Migraines

One of our most innovative techniques to provide you with fast headache relief is a nerve block. A nerve block involves injection medication into or near a cluster of nerves in order to numb the pain sensors. It stops certain signals from getting to the brain, preventing you from feeling pain or sensitivity in certain regions.

Unfortunately, migraines are a growing problem for Americans.  Some patients experience severe migraines that can last for many hours per day and several days per month.  Luckily, Botox is a long lasting pain relief treatment for severe migraines.

You’ve probably heard of Botox injections for wrinkle reductions in the face. However, you might not know about its headache pain relief properties. It’s a great way to help treat severe chronic migraines.  By injecting Botox into different parts of the head, we can help to prevent your chronic migraines and get you back to your normal lifestyle.

During the procedure, your doctor will make injections around your neck and head in an effort to alleviate pain. In most cases, pain relief lasts for three to four months after the initial treatment, with the possibility of having three to four treatments a year.

Our Pain Specialists are excellent at treating migraines and headaches to alleviate pain, restore function and optimize health.  If you are seeking migraine pain relief call us at 972-290-1507 to schedule an appointment.  

Neil Verma, MD Chief Medical Officer - *The opinions expressed herein are solely the opinions of the author. Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Should you need medical advice, see your physician.

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