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4 Benefits Of Vitamin D

Wellness doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. There are simple things you can add to your daily routine that add up in big ways for your health. One of those things is making sure your vitamin D levels are sufficient. In all the blood work I have seen in the last 4 months every single patient has been Vitamin D deficient. The common misconception of Vitamin D is that as long as you are in the sun your body is getting an adequate supply. Not true! There are many factors to consider if sun exposure is your only source of Vitamin D. You need to consider the time of day, the amount of skin exposed, where you live, the angle of the sun and also your age. The older you are, the more difficult it is for your body to make Vitamin D from the sun.

Instead, the Vitamin D council recommends taking supplements to ensure you are getting the adequate amount of Vitamin D. Below are recommendations set by the Vitamin D Council, which is what we follow at our office when recommending the supplement to patients. 

Recommended daily intakes from various organizations:

Vitamin D Council

Endocrine Society

Food and Nutrition Board


1,000 IU/day

400-1,000 IU/day

400 IU/day


1,000 IU/day per 25lbs of body weight

600-1,000 IU/day

600 IU/day


5,000 IU/day

1,500-2,000 IU/day

600 IU/day, 800 IU/day for seniors

These are the appropriate amounts you should be taking daily. If you are deficient, you can double the amount temporarily until your levels become in the normal range. 

Why do we need Vitamin D? 

Wondering where you can get this fantastic supplement? Right here at our office and it’s very affordable and it’s the recommended 5,000 IU per tablet! 

Here is a link to additional information about Vitamin D.

Call us at 972-290-1507 to alleviate pain, restore function and optimize health.  

Neil Verma, MD Chief Medical Officer - *The opinions expressed herein are solely the opinions of the author. Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Should you need medical advice, see your physician.

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